Envision a future where every individual has access to the full spectrum of their genetic information

At SEQUEGENICS®, we are on a journey to revolutionize genomic medicine by leveraging cutting-edge long-read next-generation sequencing technology. By streamlining complex laboratory and data processing workflows, we uncover hidden genetic variants that escape detection with convetional technologies. We empower clinicians to gain a profound understanding of individual patient diseases at a molecular level. Through our innovative approach, we strive to advance the field of genomics, providing invaluable insights that will drive personalized and effective healthcare solutions.


We are a team of experts in long-read NGS and cloud computing, focused on unraveling the complexities of the genetic nature of disease. Collaborating with biotech and pharma partners, we seek to lay the foundation for breakthrough diagnostics and therapeutics.

By relentlessly pushing the boundaries of genomic medicine, we are on a mission to be a catalyst for a healthier and more informed world.

We believe that streamlining and scaling long-read sequencing is the way to achieve our mission

We aim to be at the forefront of long-read sequencing, setting new standards in accuracy and scalability. The unique resolution in the databases that we are building, is letting us look at our genetic makeup into a level of detail never possible before. We believe that these datasets contain the answers that will drive fundamental changes in the understanding of disease.

Data that can be transformative should be accesible to everyone

We know that the more people is looking at this new data, the higher are the chances that meaningful answers will be found. That is why our team has been working not only on improving the way in which we extract information from our DNA, but also on building that tools that will let anyone, not only highly specialized scientists, access, manage, and query this information. Reach out to us if you want to try our long-read platform

Our team

We combine unique expertise in cloud computing, bioinformatics and long-read sequencing.


Dario Dilernia


Jorge Atala


Daniela Monaco


Francisco Giana

Cloud Engineer

Thomas Saylor

Gustavo Stolovitzky

Gustavo Stolovitzky

Jason (Chen-Shan) Chin

Jason (Chen-Shan) Chin


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