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Unlocking the Future of Genomics Together

Your Long-Read Sequencing Partner


S E Q U E G E N I C S   is providing researchers and clinicians with comprehensive solutions and personalized support. We empower them to attain a unique in-depth comprehension of the genetic makeup underlying diseases, a feat made possible only through the utilization of the most sophisticated DNA sequencing technologies.

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S E Q U E G E N I C S' Genome Sequencing test now validated for self blood collection

Get a long-read genome sequenced from less than 500 µl of blood self extracted at home


The right choice after a negative result


  • Coding and non-coding variants

  • Small and large deletions and duplications

  • Tandem repeats expansions and contractions

  • Phasing configurations

Faster turnaround times

Delivery time is an absolute priority to keep projects moving forward at the right pace. Our team has validated wetlab and data processing workflows with a strong focus in automation. This let us deliver results at least three times faster.

The implementation of proprietary algorithms that are highly robust to fluctuations in sequencing coverage guarantee that what is normally considered average sequencing yield is more than enough to achieve variant calling at high sensitivity and precision. This eliminates the need for additional sequencing data to be produced.

Lower sequencing costs

ANSWERS, not just data

The pipelines developed by our team do not end in error correction, genome mapping or variant calling. They also implement variant interpretation algorithms to determine the potential deleterious effect of variants, both simple and complex. By integrating these pipelines in a cloud platform that facilitates navigating the complex datasets in a highly efficient manner, we are able to dig deeper than ever in the genetic makeup of patients to find answers to questions that could not be addressed before.

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