Your Long-Read Sequencing Partner


In-depth analysis of complex genetic variants

Proprietary algorithms
and pipelines to
streamline long-read testing

S E Q U E G E N I C S® is providing researchers and clinicians with comprehensive solutions and personalized support. We empower them to attain a unique in-depth comprehension of the genetic makeup underlying diseases, a feat made possible only through the utilization of the most sophisticated DNA sequencing technologies.

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Find answers with our automated and scalable technology

In addition to error correction, genome mapping and variant calling, our processes implement both simple and complex variant interpretation algorithms to determine their potential deleterious effect.

We integrate these pipelines into a cloud platform that facilitates the navigation of complex data sets in a highly efficient manner.

We delve deeper than ever before into the genetic composition of patients to find answers to previously unsolvable questions.

Discover and analyze
the genetic makeup of disease

With long-read sequencing, you will be able to analyze more complex genomic structures than short-read sequencing allows.

We build unique, propietary pipelines on top of the two major long-read technologies

Genome sequencing

Detect SNVs and all kinds of structural variants, phase them and evaluate methylation, all in a single test

Transcriptome sequencing

Characterize the diverse repertoire of full-lenght isoforms and their abundance to detect any aberrant transcript

Direct RNA sequencing

Study base modifications in RNA and unbiased estimation of isoforms abundance


Comprehensive solutions, customized support

At Sequegenics® we not only provide analysis services but also train clinicians and researchers in the unique in-depth understanding of genetics made possible by the most sophisticated sequencing technologies.

Achieve more effective results in less time and at a lower cost

Top-notch account support

We work with you throughout the discovery process

At least 3x faster responses

With strategically automated data collection processes

Answers, not just data

Get detailed and precise information to better understand the genetics of your patients

Your long-read
sequencing partner

Analyze and detect


Coding and
non-coding variants

Small and large
deletions and duplications

Tandem repeats
expansions and contractions

The Sequegenics® genome sequencing test is validated
for home blood collection.

Obtain a sequenced long-read genome for less than 500 µL of blood collected at home.

Unlocking the Future of Genomics Together

Our WGS long-reading tests exceed standard metrics

Other providers
High-molecular weight gDNA extraction included
Average Read Length
⁓ 15kb
⁓ 25kb
Sequencing Coverage
Turnaround Time
> 2 months
< 3 weeks
Variant interpretation included

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