a chance to know your own sequence

B*07:02:01:01 B*07:02:01:02 B*07:02:01:03 B*07:02:01:04 B*07:02:01:05 B*07:02:01:06 B*07:02:01:07 B*07:02:06 B*07:02:09 B*07:02:41 B*07:02:45 B*07:02:52 B*07:44N B*07:49N B*07:58 B*07:59 B*07:61 B*07:120 B*07:128 B*07:129 B*07:130 B*07:156 B*07:161N B*07:169 B*07:271 B*07:282 B*07:291 B*07:294 B*07:295 B*07:298 B*07:05:01:01 B*07:05:01:02 B*07:05:01:03 B*07:05:01:04 B*07:06:01 B*07:75:01:01 B*07:75:01:02 B*08:01:01:01 B*08:01:01:02 B*08:01:01:03 B*08:01:01:04 B*08:01:01:05 B*08:01:14 B*08:01:20 B*08:19N B*08:109 B*08:173 B*08:178 B*08:182 B*08:183 B*13:01:01:01 B*13:01:01:02 B*13:01:05 B*13:01:07 B*13:01:08 B*13:01:12 B*13:52 B*13:61 B*13:02:01:01 B*13:02:01:02 B*13:02:01:03 B*13:02:05 B*13:02:09 B*13:02:16 B*13:02:20 B*13:02:21 B*13:38 B*13:69 B*13:96 B*13:99 B*14:01:01:01 B*14:01:01:02 B*14:02:01:01 B*14:02:01:02 B*14:02:01:03 B*15:01:01:01 B*15:01:01:02N B*15:01:01:03 B*15:01:01:04 B*15:01:01:05 B*15:01:01:06 B*15:01:01:07 B*15:01:01:08 B*15:01:01:09 B*15:01:01:10 B*15:01:01:11 B*15:01:01:12 B*15:01:06 B*15:01:07 B*15:01:20 B*15:01:22 B*15:102 B*15:104 B*15:140 B*15:146 B*15:201 B*15:227 B*15:228 B*15:247 B*15:320 B*15:321Q B*15:02:01 B*15:02:06 B*15:214 B*15:302N B*15:358 B*15:03:01:01 B*15:03:01:02 B*15:103 B*15:220 B*15:04:01:01 B*15:04:01:02 B*15:04:04 B*15:07:01:01 B*15:07:01:02 B*15:07:02 B*15:09:01 B*15:09:02 B*15:11:01 B*15:11:05 B*15:11:06 B*15:11:07 B*15:284 B*15:305 B*15:367 B*15:12 B*15:19 B*15:270 B*15:16:01:01 B*15:16:01:02 B*15:17:01:01 B*15:17:01:02 B*15:18:01:01 B*15:18:01:02 B*15:18:01:03 B*15:198 B*15:263 B*15:307 B*15:380N B*15:388 B*15:25:01 B*15:25:03 B*15:271 B*15:28 B*15:428 B*15:30:01:01 B*15:30:01:02 B*15:123 B*15:151 B*18:01:01:01 B*18:01:01:02 B*18:01:01:03 B*18:01:01:04 B*18:01:01:05 B*18:01:01:06 B*18:01:01:07 B*18:01:01:08 B*18:01:03 B*18:01:25 B*18:17N B*18:53 B*18:81 B*18:119 B*18:124 B*18:131:01:01 B*18:131:01:02 B*18:135 B*27:02:01:01 B*27:02:01:02 B*27:02:01:03 B*27:02:01:04 B*27:02:01:05 B*27:02:03 B*27:163 B*27:04:01 B*27:04:04 B*27:68 B*27:69 B*27:05:02:01 B*27:05:02:02 B*27:05:02:03 B*27:05:02:04Q B*27:05:02:05 B*27:05:04 B*27:05:31 B*27:13 B*27:162 B*27:07:01 B*27:07:02 B*27:12:01:01 B*27:12:01:02 B*35:01:01:01 B*35:01:01:02 B*35:01:01:03 B*35:01:01:04 B*35:01:01:05 B*35:01:01:06 B*35:01:01:07 B*35:01:03 B*35:01:23 B*35:01:25 B*35:01:28 B*35:01:40 B*35:01:41 B*35:01:47 B*35:40N B*35:42:01 B*35:57 B*35:94 B*35:134N B*35:161 B*35:227 B*35:241 B*35:245 B*35:250 B*35:332 B*35:336 B*35:347 B*35:348 B*35:02:01:01 B*35:02:01:02 B*35:02:05 B*35:220 B*35:03:01:01 B*35:03:01:02 B*35:03:01:03 B*35:03:01:04 B*35:03:01:05 B*35:03:01:06 B*35:03:13 B*35:70 B*35:279 B*35:298 B*35:344 B*35:05:01:01 B*35:05:01:02 B*35:05:01:03 B*35:08:01:01 B*35:08:01:02 B*35:43:01 B*35:67 B*35:79 B*35:137 B*35:147 B*37:01:01:01 B*37:01:01:02 B*37:23 B*37:43 B*37:45 B*37:46 B*37:47 B*37:68 B*38:01:01 B*38:68Q B*38:02:01 B*38:02:05 B*38:18 B*39:01:01:01 B*39:01:01:02L B*39:01:01:03 B*39:01:01:04 B*39:01:01:05 B*39:01:01:06 B*39:01:01:07 B*39:01:03:01 B*39:01:03:02 B*39:01:24 B*39:46 B*39:59 B*39:77 B*39:86 B*39:130 B*39:02:02:01 B*39:02:02:02 B*39:02:02:03 B*39:02:03 B*39:03:01:01 B*39:03:01:02 B*39:06:02:01 B*39:06:02:02 B*39:06:02:03 B*39:06:02:04 B*39:09:01:01 B*39:09:01:02 B*39:09:01:03 B*40:01:01 B*40:01:02:01 B*40:01:02:02 B*40:01:02:03 B*40:01:02:04 B*40:01:02:05 B*40:01:02:06 B*40:01:25 B*40:01:36 B*40:01:37 B*40:01:42 B*40:01:45 B*40:01:48 B*40:55 B*40:141 B*40:150 B*40:151 B*40:179 B*40:221 B*40:236 B*40:241 B*40:247 B*40:264 B*40:272 B*40:278 B*40:299 B*40:301 B*40:329 B*40:338N B*40:353 B*40:02:01:01 B*40:02:01:02 B*40:02:01:03 B*40:02:01:04 B*40:02:19 B*40:56 B*40:97 B*40:144N B*40:176 B*40:303 B*40:356 B*40:03:01:01 B*40:03:01:02 B*40:267 B*40:05:01:01 

A*01:01:01:01 A*01:01:01:02N A*01:01:01:03 A*01:01:01:04 A*01:01:01:05 A*01:01:01:06 A*01:01:01:07 A*01:01:01:08 A*01:01:01:09 A*01:01:01:10 A*01:01:01:11 A*01:01:38L A*01:01:51 A*01:04N A*01:22N A*01:32 A*01:37 A*01:45 A*01:56N A*01:81 A*01:87N A*01:103 A*01:107 A*01:109 A*01:132 A*01:141 A*01:142 A*01:155 A*01:177 A*01:212 A*01:217 A*01:234 A*01:237 A*01:03:01:01 A*01:03:01:02 A*02:01:01:01 A*02:01:01:02L A*02:01:01:03 A*02:01:01:04 A*02:01:01:05 A*02:01:01:06 A*02:01:01:07 A*02:01:01:08 A*02:01:01:09 A*02:01:01:10 A*02:01:01:11 A*02:01:01:12 A*02:01:01:13 A*02:01:01:14 A*02:01:01:15 A*02:01:01:16 A*02:01:01:17 A*02:01:01:18 A*02:01:01:19 A*02:01:01:20 A*02:01:01:21 A*02:01:01:22 A*02:01:01:23 A*02:01:01:24 A*02:01:01:25 A*02:01:01:26 A*02:01:01:27 A*02:01:08 A*02:01:11 A*02:01:14Q A*02:01:15 A*02:01:21 A*02:01:48 A*02:01:50 A*02:01:79 A*02:01:80 A*02:01:89 A*02:01:97 A*02:01:98 A*02:01:99 A*02:01:104 A*02:01:130 A*02:01:131 A*02:01:132 A*02:09 A*02:43N A*02:66 A*02:75 A*02:83N A*02:89 A*02:97:01 A*02:97:02 A*02:132 A*02:134 A*02:140 A*02:241 A*02:252 A*02:256 A*02:266 A*02:291 A*02:294 A*02:305N A*02:327 A*02:329 A*02:356N A*02:357 A*02:397 A*02:411 A*02:446 A*02:455 A*02:469 A*02:481 A*02:538 A*02:559 A*02:607 A*02:608N A*02:614 A*02:629 A*02:642 A*02:665 A*02:675N A*02:685 A*02:686 A*02:687 A*02:689 A*02:690 A*02:691N A*02:02:01:01 A*02:02:01:02 A*02:03:01 A*02:03:06 A*02:253 A*02:264 A*02:370 A*02:480 A*02:505 A*02:557 A*02:684 A*02:04 A*02:664 A*02:05:01:01 A*02:05:01:02 A*02:179 A*02:324 A*02:06:01:01 A*02:06:01:02 A*02:06:01:03 A*02:06:01:04 A*02:06:13 A*02:06:15 A*02:06:16 A*02:126 A*02:428 A*02:506N A*02:625 A*02:07:01 A*02:07:02 A*02:07:03 A*02:07:04 A*02:07:05 A*02:07:07 A*02:15N A*02:265 A*02:426 A*02:452 A*02:10 A*02:453 A*02:11:01 A*02:69 A*02:16 A*02:131 A*02:17:01 A*02:17:02 A*02:22:01:01 A*02:22:01:02 A*02:104 A*02:49 A*02:683 A*02:81 A*02:124 A*03:01:01:01 A*03:01:01:02N A*03:01:01:03 A*03:01:01:04 A*03:01:01:05 A*03:01:01:06 A*03:01:01:07 A*03:01:01:08 A*03:01:01:09 A*03:01:01:10 A*03:01:01:11 A*03:01:01:12 A*03:01:01:13 A*03:01:01:14 A*03:01:07 A*03:01:27 A*03:01:56 A*03:01:57 A*03:01:58 A*03:01:63 A*03:20 A*03:21N A*03:26 A*03:37 A*03:45 A*03:78 A*03:112 A*03:118 A*03:129N A*03:132 A*03:134 A*03:162N A*03:182 A*03:220 A*03:279N A*03:02:01 A*03:218 A*03:242 A*11:01:01:01 A*11:01:01:02 A*11:01:01:03 A*11:01:01:04 A*11:01:01:05 A*11:01:01:06 A*11:01:01:07 A*11:01:46 A*11:01:47 A*11:01:49 A*11:01:52 A*11:01:53 A*11:01:56 A*11:01:58 A*11:01:59 A*11:01:64 A*11:01:67 A*11:21N A*11:69N A*11:86 A*11:100 A*11:102 A*11:108 A*11:120 A*11:124 A*11:126 A*11:129 A*11:142 A*11:154 A*11:163 A*11:171 A*11:172 A*11:173 A*11:174 A*11:193 A*11:194 A*11:210N A*11:02:01 A*11:02:03 A*11:02:05 A*11:02:06 A*11:77 A*11:110 A*11:03 A*11:175 A*11:05 A*11:248 A*23:01:01:01 A*23:01:01:02 A*23:01:01:03 A*23:01:01:04 A*23:01:05 A*23:01:19 A*23:07N A*23:17 A*23:18 A*23:20 A*23:58 A*24:02:01:01 A*24:02:01:02L A*24:02:01:03 A*24:02:01:04 A*24:02:01:05 A*24:02:01:06 A*24:02:01:07 A*24:02:01:08 A*24:02:01:09 A*24:02:01:10 A*24:02:01:11 A*24:02:01:12 A*24:02:01:13 A*24:02:01:14 A*24:02:03Q A*24:02:10 A*24:02:13 A*24:02:31 A*24:02:40 A*24:02:43 A*24:02:44 A*24:02:56 A*24:02:65 A*24:02:79 A*24:02:80 A*24:02:81 A*24:02:82 A*24:02:83 A*24:02:84 A*24:02:98 A*24:02:101 A*24:02:102 A*24:02:103 A*24:09N A*24:11N A*24:40N A*24:76 A*24:79 A*24:83N A*24:144 A*24:150 A*24:153 A*24:154 A*24:155N A*24:163N A*24:183N A*24:231 A*24:249 A*24:250 A*24:251 A*24:263 A* A*24:264 A*24:265 A*24:266 A*24:267 A*24:268 A*24:269 A*24:270 A*24:271 A*24:352 A*24:353 A*24:354 A*24:383 A*24:385 A*24:388N A*24:03:01:01 A*24:03:01:02 A*24:33 A*24:05:01 

C*01:02:01:01 C*01:02:01:02 C*01:02:01:03 C*01:02:01:04 C*01:02:01:05 C*01:02:01:06 C*01:02:02 C*01:02:11 C*01:02:12 C*01:02:14 C*01:02:15 C*01:02:23 C*01:02:24 C*01:02:25 C*01:02:30 C*01:02:42 C*01:25 C*01:44 C*01:82 C*01:83 C*01:84 C*01:85 C*01:89N C*01:109N C*01:127 C*01:135 C*01:138 C*01:139 C*01:142 C*01:03 C*01:24 C*02:02:02:01 C*02:02:02:02 C*02:02:02:03 C*02:02:02:04 C*02:02:02:05 C*02:02:02:06 C*02:02:02:07 C*02:02:02:08 C*02:02:02:09 C*02:02:02:10 C*02:02:02:11 C*02:02:02:12 C*02:02:02:13 C*02:02:17 C*02:02:33 C*02:29 C*02:69 C*02:70 C*02:83 C*02:106 C*02:10:01:01 C*02:10:01:02 C*02:10:01:03 C*02:14:01 C*02:14:02 C*03:02:01 C*03:02:02:01 C*03:02:02:02 C*03:02:02:03 C*03:02:02:04 C*03:02:03 C*03:02:07 C*03:02:12 C*03:146 C*03:224N C*03:226 C*03:03:01:01 C*03:03:01:02 C*03:03:01:03 C*03:03:01:04 C*03:03:01:05 C*03:03:01:06 C*03:03:01:07 C*03:03:01:08 C*03:03:01:09 C*03:03:17 C*03:03:24 C*03:03:36 C*03:20N C*03:62 C*03:171 C*03:205 C*03:206 C*03:207 C*03:227 C*03:237 C*03:312 C*03:327 C*03:341 C*03:357 C*03:04:01:01 C*03:04:01:02 C*03:04:01:03 C*03:04:01:04 C*03:04:01:05 C*03:04:01:06 C*03:04:01:07 C*03:04:01:08 C*03:04:03 C*03:04:20 C*03:04:36 C*03:04:43 C*03:04:44 C*03:04:55 C*03:100 C*03:101 C*03:105 C*03:106 C*03:211:01 C*03:211:02 C*03:212 C*03:213 C*03:218 C*03:219 C*03:236 C*03:252 C*03:294 C*03:303 C*03:354 C*03:358 C*03:359 C*03:366N C*03:04:02 C*03:362 C*03:05 C*03:335 C*03:14 C*03:361 C*03:40:01 C*03:279 C*04:01:01:01 C*04:01:01:02 C*04:01:01:03 C*04:01:01:04 C*04:01:01:05 C*04:01:01:06 C*04:01:01:07 C*04:01:01:08 C*04:01:01:09 C*04:01:01:10 C*04:01:01:11 C*04:01:01:12 C*04:01:01:13 C*04:01:01:14 C*04:01:54 C*04:01:57 C*04:01:69 C*04:01:78 C*04:01:79 C*04:01:82 C*04:01:83 C*04:09N C*04:28 C*04:30 C*04:41 C*04:79 C*04:82 C*04:84 C*04:106 C*04:144 C*04:146 C*04:161 C*04:162 C*04:165 C*04:195 C*04:226 C*04:267 C*04:274 C*04:275 C*04:04:01:01 C*04:04:01:02 C*05:01:01:01 C*05:01:01:02 C*05:01:01:03 C*05:01:01:04 C*05:01:01:05 C*05:01:01:06 C*05:01:01:07 C*05:01:01:08 C*05:01:01:09 C*05:01:04 C*05:01:05 C*05:01:15 C*05:01:35 C*05:01:36 C*05:03 C*05:37 C*05:53 C*05:93 C*05:108 C*05:145 C*05:153N C*06:02:01:01 C*06:02:01:02 C*06:02:01:03 C*06:02:01:04 C*06:02:01:05 C*06:02:01:06 C*06:02:01:07 C*06:02:01:08 C*06:02:01:09 C*06:02:03 C*06:02:29 C*06:02:30 C*06:02:36 C*06:02:41 C*06:02:49 C*06:02:50 C*06:46N C*06:55 C*06:73 C*06:83 C*06:111 C*06:146 C*06:176 C*06:201 C*06:127:01:01 C*06:127:01:02 C*06:155:01:01 C*06:155:01:02 C*07:01:01:01 C*07:01:01:02 C*07:01:01:03 C*07:01:01:04 C*07:01:01:05 C*07:01:01:06 C*07:01:01:07 C*07:01:01:08 C*07:01:01:09 C*07:01:01:10 C*07:01:01:11 C*07:01:01:12 C*07:01:01:13 C*07:01:01:14Q C*07:01:01:15 C*07:01:01:16 C*07:01:01:17 C*07:01:01:18 C*07:01:02 C*07:01:09 C*07:01:19 C*07:01:39 C*07:06 C*07:18 C*07:52 C*07:153 C*07:166 C*07:337 C*07:343 C*07:419 C*07:458 C*07:588 C*07:591 C*07:01:20 C*07:01:27 C*07:02:01:01 C*07:02:01:02 C*07:02:01:03 C*07:02:01:04 C*07:02:01:05 C*07:02:01:06 C*07:02:01:07 C*07:02:01:08 C*07:02:01:09 C*07:02:01:10 C*07:02:01:11 C*07:02:01:12 C*07:02:01:13 C*07:02:01:14 C*07:02:01:15 C*07:02:01:16 C*07:02:21 C*07:02:23 C*07:02:50 C*07:02:51 C*07:02:53 C*07:02:60 C*07:02:70 C*07:02:79 C*07:02:80 C*07:02:82 C*07:50 C*07:66 C*07:74 C*07:159 C*07:160 C*07:167 C*07:245 C*07:308 C*07:348 C*07:349 C*07:350N C*07:359 C*07:446 C*07:486 C*07:500 C*07:533 C*07:544 C*07:566 C*07:592 C*07:593N C*07:594 C*07:595 C*07:596 C*07:04:01:01 C*07:04:01:02 C*07:04:01:03 C*07:11 C*07:324 C*07:585 C*07:586 C*07:04:02:01 C*07:04:02:02 C*08:01:01:01 

There are thousands of different HLAs in the human population, many of them are not yet completely sequenced and there are probably many more that haven't been discovered yet

Conventional tests study only a limited segment of your HLA genes and they rarely get to determine which ones you have... usually it could be any of several. Moreover, if you have one that has never been found before, conventional tests will not be able to tell... 


Take our test to:

- get the unequivocally identity of your HLAs,

- know whether they have or have not been reported before,

- and get their complete DNA sequence for you to keep as your genetic record

It's all about the databases. Non-caucasians are at higher risk of being mistyped.

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