High Definition DNA Sequencing implements technologies that can achieve a level of resolution that allows viewing the spatial arrangement of the genetic information contained in a human genome.

This technology was thought not to be accessible for years.  Our technology, makes it possible now.

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a digitized DNA can be used to run any test

or search any gene (CFTR or HLA examples)

Understanding the spatial arrangement of DNA help us better define how each genome is built, with all the characteristics that are particular to each person.  This high definition facilitates designing treatments that are personalized to an individual's own genome, and gain access to information that help us understand where are we located in the genetic footprint of the Human race (learn about our project TheGeneticMaze).

It is expensive.  However, the level of definition will let you have access to the most advanced genetic tests, and give you a deep look into your own genome that is simply not possible with any other technology.

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